Polygenesis has a wide portfolio of projects, ranging from software development, porcess development to hardware, many of which result in next generation products or technology used in production processes.  Here is a sample:


Polygenesis has intellectual property in the area of low cost, disposable, instrumentation for reading lateral flow immunoassays. The core technology is a two wavelength reflectance meter with integrated control and data acquisition. In its simplest configuration the system is a threshold based, binary (yes / no) device. The heart of the technology, the polyASIC™, is available for low cost, even disposable, reader applications.

Polygenesis developed the technology and method (patented) for use in the fast determination of pregnancy using digital readout.

Polygenesis has created a plethora fo diagnositc devices, ranging from a hand held data collector (shown here) for use in clinical trials,to many glucomteres and other companion diganostics.  The technologies are as diverse as the analyte being measured, using optical, Ion selective electrides, to other more exotic means.  One common factir is the use of technolofy to bring the test to the patient, whether bed side or around the world, at the same time providing the apporpiate technology to store data for future evaluation and trending.

Polygenesis provided complete product development for a client to create one of the 1st electronic medicine managers, which connected to to databases provide the physicians with real-time drug compliance information.

Polygenesis designs and develops custom instrumentation for R&D, Manufacturing, and Laboratory needs.  They range in use from drug discovery, sensor development, and QC testing in manufacturing. They have been made in numbers from 1 to dozens depending in the needs of the client.  In many cases, the units once proven, have been replicated and validated for use in many medical fields.

We have many clients whereby technology is not the end product, but rather a means to create efficiencies within their business & manufacturing porcesses.  For example Polygenesis has been involved in creating systems and proceses around clinical trials (TMF, IRT, Supply Chain, etc.) whereby new requirements and subsequent systems were created, and new business processes were implemented.  This becomes even more involving and overall efficiencies are gained as CRO's and other vendors are not just brought into the picture, but their systems and processes become linked and integrated with the client companies.